What color of shoes should i get?

for homecoming this year, I already got my shoes and theyre zebra print
what color dress should I get.
need help!

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You should of dont it the other way around.
Dress first then shoes because your gonna have trouble finding a dress.
But ehmm Blaack or white plain dress.
Depending how much more black or more white your shoes have?

But yet again no one really matches these days no more.
Everything is colorful so it wont really matter,

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im a guy not into girl shopping but itry buying somethng that loos cute with th shoes and please try not to look as an hooker..

with all due respect -brandon

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black whith a little bit of white in it to match it beleive me it will look good

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don't get a complete white dress! Lol your not gettin married

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White of course

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