What; Can I get him on verbal abuse, mom says its to hard?

Okayy, so jsut last year I went through a very bad difficult custody battle. I was living with my dad,and am now living with my mother and have been since july. I wanted to live with my mom, so my dad has given me a hard time about it. Saying we dont care about him and stuff like that. He has also called me a whore and stuff, and just a couple hours ago, he had called me and said stuff and I quote” Your a whore worthless piece of sh**, and will get nowhere in life. You will be a failure in highschool, and you better start looking now for a job at taco bell or burger king” And kept going on about stuff like that. Im really sick of this, and I have to see him this summer unless I can tell him I dont wanna go, but then he says I ahve to go. So, my mom and I have been talking about trying to get him on verbal abuse, but he lives in Wyoming and me in and. Is it still possible? My mom says it would be pretty hard since he lives ina diff state.

Answer #1

goddessme13, I put up with the same stuff she is from my biological father who died of cancer last year. I dont regret not spending more time with him because no matter what, no father has a right to say things like that to his daughter…

Answer #2

it will be extremely hard, but if you record him saying this stuff than take it to a mediator or get a hearing in front of a judge, you can get help on not having to see him at all(if thats what you want to do).

Answer #3

look this is what I would do not go and if he comes near you get a restraining order because your how old? look up your laws on line bout this then look up his find out but remember this if he is saying this because he is hurt you left and dont know how to react, or was he like this befor? you only have one dad and one day when he is gone your going to regret it, my dad passed away a year ago and wow I wish I had spent more time with the man I now understand, yeah I know life is messed up but you can make sure your having as much fun as you can

Answer #4

Ya it will be kinda hard but, Have you tried recording him when he is talking down to u? Or have you called DCF an asked them questions about verbal abuse? I don’t think you should be w him for the summer if he treats you like the way he does. One thing I can say to you is don’t let him bring you down, stay strong you have your mom. Finish school and become someone and he will have nothing to say to u, you did everything on your own w your mothers help not his. Take care of your slef and have faith in your self. Hope all goes well for u.

Answer #5

if you have heard him say anything tell the police or your mom

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