What can I do with parents who dont understand me & religion?

My mom and her family are all very religious people they go to church every sunday and once even had me and my brother join sunday school. My mom is catholic as well as all my family is. My mom believes that god is the creater of all creations and blah blah blah…anyways…I however dont really believe in the bible =/ I have tried so hard to be opened minded about god and the bible but as a child I have never once in my life time felt that god was with me or that he loved me never once did I feel like god was my everything…I believe more in the scientific side. But the other thing is that since I was a little girl about 3 I recall alwasy and up to this day being able to see things that others cant. If you want you can say I see spirits that have not crossed over. Ever since a little girl I have talked to them but I know that if there are spirits why cant there be a god? Its so hard because I know what I see and what I feeli believe in the after life and that spirits can rome the world but I just cant belive in a guy who walks through water its so hard.my mother thinks that its a “gift” from god. When ever I tell her that im not a believer she gets upset and yells and yells at me for about an hour.. She just doesnt understand that I just cant believe in the bible. Come on the bible was written 100 years after the death of christ. Its been hard because my family looks at me as if im a freak.. How do I let my mom and her family understand that I have tried to be religious but its just so hard because there is also a scientific way of understanding things than just “jesus” made it please help me.

Answer #1

you know thats funny you talk about this because I’m in the same boat. I’m a christian I do believe in god and I don’t know what happened is I went to college kinda confused in a way, not really just I never really thought about god and I prayed a little like just talk in my head. But I took shrooms with my girlfriend and I went up north wi wausau so its really just actually awesome. Theres this guy who reads palms just like for fun sorta but I was on shrooms just fine and stuff, but he talked to me and said…”how would you feel if you could read everybodys palm and know who they, but I cant read my palm for me..” He was my friend and I just went into a thinking spiral of how everything just made sense that Life was reincarnation and I was an analyzer and only looked at others not at myself thus not knowing who I was…so anyways it left me not a christian because it just didnt make sense. I actually left college because I needed to figure out who I was what I wanted. I tried to tell my mom that I was from the past and I knew it I felt it and she just looked at me mad. Later and right now I know what I believe it’s crazy because I couldnt imagine a life without god because I felt like he was there when I talked and well in my life things have happened when I prayed…but I found out early christianity actually believed in reincarnation that our soul lives on until you reached the unselfish love, giving, and no reason to go back to earth to fix a mess you made (karma) Anyways there is pergatory for the souls that are waiting to go. I don’t know I mean you just have to figure what you feel spiritually inside of you. Anyways I just dont tell my mom but im very spiritual within myself and I do believe there is a god and just being yourself and loving everyone for who they are, accepting the world as it is..so hard for me…but thats pretty much what christianity is really. Your relationship with god and his creation, you and the earth everything is connected and in harmony. If all connected doing wrong to someone will in turn mean your hurting yourself because your connected (karma). I guess im going off but maybe this could just open you up to whats out there. Im so happy I can believe in both not feel bad for church cause life is just to be happy. Why make yourself sad? doesnt make sense. to me.

anyways its alright if your like whoa thats weird but its just what I believe and its a cool thought if I explained it right. I don’t know do your research find what you feel best in and then feel good about it and dont worry about your parents.

Answer #2

hay why what I believe in might make more sense if I tell you, not a lot of people know about I but just msg me if you wanna know, I reall wann tell you and I wont force you to believe anything, just hear it out plzz :)

Answer #3

is that your being forced that happened to me I was beiing forced until I saw a lot of bad things happening to me such as deaTHS AND DRAMA AND BLA BLA AND so I fell flat on my face and realized life without God is confusing and just not good theres no way inactually decribing it

Answer #4

Just don’t talk about it with your parents. Avoid it all you can. But if it does come up, just keep saying “This isn’t going to end productively, I don’t want to talk about it” over and over until it sinks in.

Answer #5

um dont say that you cant belive in the bible because you can if you would try harded and pray to the holy spirt more, TRUST ME jesus can help u, he has helped me my hole life and I am not saying that my life is good all the time because I have been raped a lot before in my life and god has helped me sooo much and I couldnt live a day with out him…I do have a friend just like you and my hart goes out to u >333

and I am a catholic and I am sooo blessed that I go to a catholic school

Answer #6

thanks for all of your support and answers it really helped me

Answer #7

trust me im the same way just listen to yourself and you will know what to do

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