What can i do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?

What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting? And when will it stop.

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Juss keep icinq it and dont tlk a lot when I qott mine done it didnt hurt at all only when I hitt it while tlkinq so watch out for that!!

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they dont hurt that bad...but you can have some whiskey, or numb it with ice
but I was with a friend getting it done and she said it wasnt bad
I would get a tattoo though instead

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Putting ice on it and you know things that make the pain go down im sure cold things are the best thing to do right know.

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eat lots of cold stuff, no spicy foods or alcohol [open wound] for about a week and take painkillers they help some and try not to mess with it.it makes the pain worsen.
Tongue piercing usually take between 10-14 days to fully heal,

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chew on ice occasionally and USE SOME KIND OF NUMBING SOLUTION..it helps !! when I got mine 2 years ago I had to use orajel because I was working and couldn't concentrate on the pain..it helped ease the pain for the moment..grab a tube of that and chew on ice in your free time and before you know it the pain will go away naturally..mine went away after a week of having it pierced. take care, hope I helped :)

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It doesn't hurt, it's just swollen. It'll take about 4 or 5 days for the swelling to go down. Take some neurofen or paracetamol if it does hurt. Drink some water through a straw and sleeping with a newly pierced tongue is difficult but just lay on your back and you'll be fine. Eat soup aaand use a straw as much as possible. You won't be able to have hard foods but you can maybe eat mashed potatoes. Do NOT have spicey food and have as much protein enriched foods/drinks as you possibly can as that helps the healing process.

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