does alcohol help with the helix piercing?

does alcohol help with the helix piercing? everyday, one time, I just pour some alcohol over my piercing. it hurts to much to touch it so I just pour it over. my question is, will this help?

Answer #1

Try some peroxide.

Answer #2

Don’t use alcohol. I heard it just dries out the skin and kills newly forming cells around the pierced area so that’s probably not a good idea.

Answer #3

No, no, no, no! Did your piercer not give you any after-care advice at all? Use a mixture of sea salt dissolved in warm water, and apply it to your piercing twice a day. That will help healing and kill germs at the same time. Just use some cotton pads and dab it on the piercing whilst gently moving your jewelry around so the solution can get inside the wound as well.

While showering you can also clean the piercing out with sensitive soap-free anti-bacterial body wash. When I had my piercings done my piercer recommended the Dettol anti-bacterial body wash, but I don’t think it’s around any more, so as long as you find an anti-bacterial wash that’s gentle to the skin, it should help keep your piercing clean. Also move your jewelry around when washing. Run your ear under hot/warm water to make the process easier.

It’ll hurt doing these for the first few days but as your piercing heals it should start getting easy ;)

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