What Barack Obama assicinated?

Whoo-Hoo! Senentor Oba- or should I say PRESIDENT Obama won! Im so glad that a democrate is in office again! and this is a real historic time in U.S. history, a man african/american is the prez!! But was he really assicinated? (dont think I spelled it right) My friend said that Obama was assicinated by the ku ku klux clan already… but Im not sure I beleive that

Answer #1

Clearly, you should read the news rather than parroting what an ill informed idiot told you. There was a plot which was foiled, by the Secret Service, some weeks ago.

And, the president has tons of protection. It’s not like the American people will stand for another JFK conspiracy, when the government admits that they theory they backed as to how the assassination happened was invalid and wrong.

Answer #2

Um wow. Yeahh, he’s still alive. >.>

It would’ve been on the news if he was dead. -.-

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Ignorant would be a better description than stupid. But EXTREMELY ignorant, EXTREMELY.

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OMG lol ..I won’t bother commenting…

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you’re way too nice utopia…

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