Barack Obama

Who’s happy like me to finally see Bush out of the White House and Barack Obama now United States President?

Answer #1

bush was a good president , I see how people can blame the president when who voted for him??? anyways we all make mistakes now and then . at least I think we do?

Answer #2

I’m glad President Bush kept us safe for 8 years and look forward to President Obama taking America in a positive direction.

Answer #3

Ecstatic would be more like it. I can’t wait to see what Barack Obama is going to do for this country.

I’m sure Bush is pretty relieved too.

Answer #4

I know im English but im still happy. I’ve never liked Bush and hope Barack can sort the troubles out soon. Although like anyone- what they say and what they mean can be two different things. We will only know whether he’s a good leader if he follows through with his promises.

Answer #5

amblessed, Bush did not become president on 9/12/01. You cannot give him credit for keeping us safe, unless you blame him for not keeping us safe on 9/11.

I am so glad to see our country being lead by a man of true integrity, compassion, and intelligence. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Answer #6

I dont get what people see wrong with bush,, he had some hard times.. they were out of control..only if people were a lil more supportive, he could’ve done something..he was very discouraged.. but im glad he doesnt have to face all the haters anymore..but I really liked of prez. obama, someone has to take over after 4 im happy..and im sure he will be a gr8 leader!

Answer #7

I am thrilled about it! I’m so glad. It is time for change!

Answer #8

I’m from Montreal and all of us up here are ecstatic lol

Answer #9

u know obama kills little babies right

Answer #10

I’m thrilled. I support him 100 percent and I’m so glad that Bush is finally gone. Good riddance.

Answer #11

Who is wrong? And about what?

Answer #12

NO .. you r way too wrong

Answer #13

I LOVE IT 100%!!!

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