What are the police like in your area?

Omfg!! The police in my area are so rubbish!! Theres a group of youths that congrgate near a shop and intimidate everybody!! They ask for money ask you to go the shop I’ve even seen 1 of them kiking a cat!! And I lost my temper an punched 1 of them lol but the police have been rang so many times about these people!! And nothing ever happens!! The same youths ageing around 14-18 followed me an my brother who is 16 and not a fighter and! Has a.d.h.d an 2 of my m8s 2 there house an they all started shouthing and swearing at my brother because of him having a.d.h.d. They all circled him an I pushed my way in to them, not careing about my safety what so ever!!! Trying to look after my brother, they all trie dpushing me out the way an I wouldnt move so I grabed my brother an kiked 1 of the lads an we started walkin 2 my friends house 1 of the lads decided 2 bottle my mate across the head! For no reason! Then 4 of em ganged up on 2 1 of them!, I was more worried about my brother so I didnt try and help my mate but 2 of them pulled a knife out at my brother! An I jumped in the way an got in the lads face shoutin at him teling him 2 go through me before they got 2 my brother an the lad decided 2 walk off an we finaly got 2 my friends house an these 4 lads followed us 2 the house! An they were giveing my brother abuse!!! And kept running at him 2 get at him so I lost my temper an butted 1 of the lads! And smashed his head against a wall an we rang the police and they never even botherd 2 cum out!! And when they finaly did they said we cant do anything!! Because of what I had done 2 1 of the lads!! But honestly who else would look after there own!!? The police say that we cant take matters in to our own hands but they dont do anything about it!!! So the people that do take matters in to there own hands get pt in prison!! Or a fine!! God the police are so god damn f*kin sh!t!!!

Sorry abut it being so long!! But I had to say it!! So my question is! Who thinks police should do more abouth these things!?

Answer #1

yeah the coppers should f*ckin’ do something about that but mostly when it’s just kids doing stupid thing, it seems like they rather take care of something more worth their time

right now I hate the cops because I’m a teenager, but once I start paying taxes and sh*t, I want them to do their job because I’m paying them now

and the cops in my area are kinda dumb, if somebody gets pulled over they call for back up and have like 3 cops for a simple traffic pull over…kinda gay huh

Answer #2

This cops here in my area are Pussehs. They don’t do sht you could go 100mph and they wouldn’t do sht. Lol

BTW: Thankks for the comment on my question.. I honestly don’t know,

Answer #3

you don’t mess with the cops from my area, you call em the’ll be there in a couple minutes to kick some as*. Even if you don;t want em there. And how do you expect your brother to become a man if you stick up for him like that, a 16 yr old getting defended by his older sister, poor bastured, I take care of my too but dam. you ruined the poor kids rep, now everytime those kids see him they’ll be after him

Answer #4

hi they just sounds like a group of pussies who are trying to act hard and get a name for themselves. The only way there going to pay attention is by someone sorting out a bunch of blokes older and a lot harder to scare the absoloute shite out of them. Its the only way for some people to learn and to stop them thinking they own the place x

Answer #5

the cops suck they never do anything where im from and I live by chicago in usa and so we have to take matters like that into our own hands and do something bout it otherwise they keep messin with you or in this sake your bro tell him to stand up you lose some you win some but the point is that you dont look like a punk…

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