What are some really good study tips?

I’m starting High School this year and I need some really good tips for studying. Thanks!

Answer #1

Record a video tape of you saying the most intelligent words,answers and some other stuff you find useful

Answer #2

Use flash cards and take notes that are important it helped me when I did

Answer #3

I personally dont, but if you read the material you need right before going to bed it will be fresh in your mind the next morning. Actually listen in class while the teacher is talking can help too, believe it or not.

Answer #4

Here are some suggestions I’ve found helpful for both high school and college:

    • Set a time for studying and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate.
    • Make sure that when you’re studying, that you don’t have other distractions going on. Sometimes TV, the radio, and having other people around that bug you can be extremely distracting. If you find distractions, eliminate them.
    • If you do work better with others, maybe set up a study group? Having everyone review information together can help. You can even just do this with one person, if you want.
    • Use notes and flash cards from your previous classes. Everyday you’ll take notes. It’s important to review them, keep them neat, and stay on top of everything.
    • Make sure that you’re not overtired or upset when you go to study. It’s very important that you’re in a good mental state when you go to study, else you really won’t take any of the information in.
    • Make sure that you’ve had a snack before studying. I always find a snack to be an energy boost, and when you’re not hungry, your mind isn’t focused on eating!

If you’d like some other really good study tips, check this out:

It has some good pointers.

Take care and good luck!

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