What is a good way to study trem words?

What is a good way to study trem words I have 50 words 4my radioloy class I have to know by 1/12…and byside that I was never good @ studying anything so I could take some good tips on how to study 4 this up comin test and many more I have comin when I’m in school

Answer #1

thanks girls

Answer #2

ok, I cant seem to save my vids, so ill tell you to break it up into sets of ten ad study each individually. Then combine them all a day before the test. Sorry, hope it helps

Answer #3

Heaven Answers “what is a good way to study trem words?”

Answer #4

Make flash cards that always works for me , or you can write the word on one card and the definition on another card and then try to match the word to the definition.

Answer #5

ugh…lets see if this works…

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