What is a good study guide or website for the constitution?

Oky im studying for a test, its not the constitution but its based on it, and my teacher says its one of the hardest tests were taking this year, I know its spring break but I really need to study and if you have the “our federal and state constitutions” pamplet, with the questions its on pages 1- 19 so yea it would be a huge help thanks :) and btw I have all of my assighnments still

Answer #1

the first amendment you will see, gives the freedom to asemble peacably, freedom of speech and the right to pray and the freedom of the press we use each day…lol in fifth grade each group had to learn a rap for their assigned amendment lol and we had to danc to it… good luck with your test

Answer #2

Here is an essay on constitution [link removed]

Answer #3

government site or writemypaper.org

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