What are some protien foods good for vegitarians?

I am a soon to be vegitarians and I need to know a couble foods that I can eat to replace the protien in meat.

Answer #1

tofu (usually tastes better than it sounds), beans, eggs, etc

Answer #2

beans, any kind of nuts

Answer #3

Seaweed from Malaysia ( cystal yellowish colour ) is caltivated organic food for vegetarians here in Malaysia. Someone introduced it to me at first, after trying out everynight a month. Now I boilt it every night, main reason is for moisture and repair my lost of collagen. It is high in protein and marine vitamins. but you have to intake everyday then you can see improvement of skin texture ( especially on the face). I mean good result shown at age 30+ woman. if skin already saggy, it needs longer time to shown the tightening result.
Chinese food - bird nest is expensive but this seaweed is cheap, nickname ‘ sea birdnest ‘.

Answer #4

Legumes, specific vegetarian foods (fake meats etc). Legumes tend to be disgusting… What I do is I combine them with, say, bolognaise sauce, curry, or something to give them flavour. When you’re eating them, just think how good they are for you, despite their taste, haha.

~Animalinsanity x

Answer #5

A common mistake many beginners make is, it’s not just protein you have to replace there are many vitamins that need to be replaced… Here is a website that will help you find the right kind of foods instead of having to supplement. Hang in there, it may seem hard at first but once you get the hang of the vegetarian lifestyle it’s a piece of cake ;-)


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