Is she too old to play with toys?

my cousin had sylvanian families (the toys)a few years ago when she was 10 and then sold all of them because she thought she was getting too old for them now she has just turned 13 and she and her friend want to buy some again is she now too old she dosent know what too do and what her other friends and family will say should she get them?

Answer #1

well, the simple fact of the matter is you never get too old to play with toys. now, if by “too old” you mean that what she’s playing with is more recommended for people for a younger age like maybe 6 year olds, that’s just what she enjoys to play with. it may seem odd to you or her friends or other family members, but that’s ok.

i’m 22, and i still find myself enjoying to play around with things like legos and building gundam models. its basically all up to her as to whether or not she wants to get them; you play with toys whether you’re 5 or 45 in some sense, its just that the “toy” changes from fisherprice to xbox.

the wrost that could happen is that people could disagree and find it dumb.

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