What age did you have your first girlfriend or boyfriend?

I was just wondering what’s the youngest a person has ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend

Answer #1

first real boyfriend ws(still is) at 12. :)

Answer #2

My first proper relationship (when I became sexually active) was when I was 14.. but I had boyfriends before that they just didn’t mean all that much lol… Xo:)

Answer #3

3rd Grade . With Armando !:) And went out with him again in the 8th Grade. Wich of course he was hotter in the 8th grade. Now I havent see him in a while !:(

Answer #4

I had my first girlfriend when I was around 8. Well thats what this girl told me I don’t happen to remember but I believe her. Call me gullible if you like :)

Answer #5

I was in 6th grade,haha

Answer #6

haha I was in kindergarden but my first REAL one was in 6th grd so like 11 0r 12

Answer #7

13 and I’ve been with her for almost a year:)

Answer #8

uhmm I think I was about 10 or 11

Answer #9

I was 10 and in 5th grade

Answer #10

8 when I was in 3rd grade

Answer #11


Answer #12

Age 12

Answer #13

My first real one, I was 13.

Answer #14


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