How and when should me and my girlfriend have our first kiss?

I’m 14 and she’s 15 and we’re in the same grade at school. I’m her first boyfriend and we’ve been together for two months now and I really want to kiss her but we are both kinda shy about it. We are going on a one day camp with some friends in a month and I’m thinking of doing it then but how should I suggest it or hint that I want to kiss? HELP PLEASE!

Answer #1

okay, so so it when you know for sure you won’t be interrupted. start by hugging her. then come closer to you, and hint at it by looking at her lips or by getting closer to her. then. kiss her!!! voila! I mean, if you’ve already been together for 2 months… no harm done, right?

Answer #2

what she said^^^ go for it

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