What about veet instead of nair

I hear that veet doesnt smell as bad as nair to use on my arms ?

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I don't like veet or nair, it burns, it stinks, (the smell does wash off though but I still don't want to smell it) and it always leaves me with hair bumps. Thats why I just shave my arms in the shower...

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veet smells bad and so does nair so it doesn't really mater which one you use.. but like jaz said the smell doesn't stay there as long as you're in the shower it should just wash off.

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im not really sure
I've used nair but not veet
...the smell you dont really notice
and it doesnt stay on your skin
once you wash it off the smell will go

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loser. =)

haha. ily.

You can use either.

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Nair burns and Veet smells bad, well They both smell bad! If the hair on your arms isnt black or anything I think you really shouldnt worry about it.

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