Veet or nair? i'm scared.

Hey, everyone.

All right so, my mom said in about a week or when my scraped wound from my legs heal, I can try using a hair removal cream. And my mom said to use Veet. I have dark hair. Would it be okay? I've been hearing mixed comments about Veet, that it doesn't work. Also, it burns your skin, or it leaves stubbles and etc. I'd really want a helpful advise!

please & thaaank you!

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Using a cream to remove hair is a lot user friendly and convenience..if your in the shower, using veet would be ideal, make sure you use the plastic garget that comes with the pack to scrab the cream off and this removes the hair easily.

Nair are good wax strips but if you have more then 1cm of hair it can be bloody painful to remove ..OUCH..

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