Is it better to shave with razors or veet?

Alrighty...on the whole shaving issue...I was it better to shave...or just use like a cream or you know how theres Veet...or Nair...
im not that big on is it okay if I replace just...using Nair or something?
LOL " hair" haha...but yeah I was just wondering...

*twiddles thumbs*

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I've always used razors, but a while ago I tries veet for the first time and personally, I loved it! my mother is too lazy to buy it for me though, maybe I'll remind her tomorrow :]

veet does smell pretty bad though :[ but since you'd usually be using it before a shower, you can wash your legs in there lol. it works wonders!

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I usually prefer razors because I tried veet and I just didnt like how it felt afterwards. it also smelled realy I don't know...something burning I guess lol
id rather stick to razors

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Legs and armpits - razors are good. Bikini area - only Veet works for me (but it does stink!)

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Could try a hot waxing. . . .

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