Veet hair removal?

anyone try the new veet formula??? is it better? then the other 1s??? and what is the best veet formula to use for sensitive dry skin??

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I think that the new Veet Shaver is good. The purple one with gel bars either side left my legs feeling really smooth

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I tried veet. Dont use it! I left it on the amount of time and when I used the little tool to take the cream off my legs, the tool cut me and now I have tiny, long scars on my legs. I suggest Nair. Its better. (:

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I know that veet works pretty well, I havent tried the new one, but all of them are good for sensitive skin.

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I left it on the same amount of time as it suggested on the instuctions, my skin started to break and bleed, and is really sore! I tried a different formula of veets before this aswell and I ended up with swelling, and a rash covered both my legs for 2 weeks. If you are trying a new formula even if it is the same brand, do the 48hr patch test!!! to make sre you dont react.

Veet hair removal cream

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