How can I convince a 5 year old to go to school in the morning?

Lately I’ve been having some issues getting one of the children I take care of to get on the bus in the morning. The second I mention getting shoes on for the bus, it’s almost like he literally shuts down and wants to spend the day at home hanging out with his little brother and I. I’ve asked him what made him not want to go, and he says he doesn’t have fun there anymore (which is sort of strange, considering Jr. kindergarten and Sr. are in the same class). This is the first school year where he has to go every day, however, so I can definitely understand that he needs to adjust still. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can convince him to go, though? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer #1

Tell him you’ll have a surprise for him when he comes home, then get his little brother to draw him a picture or cook him his favorite food, get him some stickers or get him a little toy.


Kids love them & basically need them to function, it gives them something to look forward too & he’ll have fun trying to guess what it is :)

Answer #2

I agree with Irene.. the reward system works well. Just don’t go too over-the-top or he will expect something in return every time he does something ‘good’. If you do more of a ‘If you go to school for 3 days in a row, we can have (insert favorite dinner here) on Saturday night’ or something like that. There needs to be punishment for not going to school, as well as rewards for actually going. It is however unusual for a 5 year old not to want to go to school. Maybe he is being bullied or feels left out- you could talk to his teacher about how he behaves around other children and ask if there are any issues in class or at lunch time.

Answer #3

bribery lol works for me, they go to school get up early etc and they will get there pocket money at the end of the week, for being good

Answer #4

It is def a hard and tough job as the kids are used to be at home and in the comfort of mothers. What can be done as others suggested is to give some reward, but all at the same time, the parents have to make the child understand the benefits of going to school, like getting more and new friends, learning more things. If there is a snack period then without telling him keep his favourite snack in it. Keep a different snack every day and make him expect for the surprise.

Also talk to his teachers and to the mothers of his class mates and try to make him at ease.

Answer #5

All kids need adjusting. I’m good with kids, so, maybe have a special snack when he gets home, something healthy but that most children love to eat would be a good choice and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, he doesn’t get the treat. Say if he doesn’t go to school, then he won’t get the snack.

Answer #6

I think you should talk to the parents first before you do anything. yes reward system works but its the parents job to be the pushers.

Answer #7

I also agree with the reward system :) You should by or make a chart and evry day he goes to school without a fuss he gets a star. At the end of the week if he has managed to get a certain amount of stars he gets a treat. Treats could be chocolate, movie of his choice, fave food for dinner or a little bit of pocket money he could save or spend. This will give him something to be excited about and show him that everyone needs to go to school. children love charts because it shows how well they are doing and makes them feel proud and good about themselves! Why dont you talk to his teachers because they might be able to make his learning more fun or invite some of his friends in his class over? hope i helped :)

Answer #8

Bribes and rewards can’t address the problem. You need to know more about what’s happening for him at school. Why is it “not fun any more” and what has to change for him to be able to enjoy it again?

Answer #9

Bribes and rewards can’t address the problem. You need to know more about what’s happening for him at school. Why is it “not fun any more” and what has to change for him to be able to enjoy it again?

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