Do you have any weird tendencies/ habits?

I realized i must be a crazy weirdo with half the stuff i do or refuse to do haha examples: not drinking brown soda and only drinking it warm; sleeping with a fan on all year round; loving pickles but picking them off my burger cuz its warm; refusing to eat pizza unless its stuff crusted and cheese only; picking my nails when i’m nervous, upset or have something to say but don’t actually want to say it or wearing clogs cuz there easy to put on but complaining about hating to walk in them lol. what are some of your weird habits?

Answer #1

When people are speaking, I count the syllables on my hands without even realizing it, usually. I never open soda cans all the way (yes, it’s possible to drink that way). I change my outfit at least once a day, usually in the afternoon. I also used to drink water with a spoon…I have no idea why…

Answer #2

I love warm soda but hate warm pickles too! lol Instead of picking my nails when nervous, I pick at my face or my piercings.

I often have the compulsion to spell a random word I hear over and over again. I could be listening to a lecture, or having a conversation, but the only thing I will be able to focus on is spelling that particular word in my head……I suck at spelling, so this keeps me quite occupied!

Answer #3

haha wow that awesome the symbols things cuz when ppl talk or i talk i pick certain words without meaning to picture it written on paper especially big words. the water with a spoon is a new one but i;m sure its fun =)

Answer #4

Before I open a can of soda I always tap the lid 6 times.

Answer #5

thats actually a excellent idea i have alway been told to tap the can if you accidently shake it and it won’t explode, with doing it 6 times regardless to that you are ensured that you never wear soda

Answer #6

thats actually a excellent idea i have alway been told to tap the can if you accidently shake it and it won’t explode, with doing it 6 times regardless to that you are ensured that you never wear soda

Answer #7

I always kind of rub the nail on my thumb against my other fingers without realizing it. When people talk, i hearr what they say over and over again in my head unless i have a song in my head. When i see something that reminds me of something i don’t think it really, i just picture the thing happening again

Answer #8

its so funny you would say that you suck at spelling because the words i can’t spell i can say perfectly and words i can’t say i can spell. its annoying.

Answer #9

lol That sounds annoying as heck! How do you get around that?

Answer #10

i’m the same way with everything reminds me of a person, or memory. a song a store, a picture certain words.

Answer #11

my boyfriend =) he is really intellectually smart so i just ask him and he always naturally corrects me or makes fun of me until i get annoyed and make sure i say it right. if i’m spelling when he’s not around i phonetically spell it or just say the word wrong. i tend to use large words that i have heard from him but use them wrong in context.

Answer #12

I chew on my fingernails constantly.

Answer #13

i used to then i realized i was actually grinding my top teeth and bottom teeth now there are little chip marks almost not visable but i noticed them.

Answer #14

I sleep with a fan all year long as well. I always sleep with covers on eventhough i burn up at night. My sleeves always need to be past my hands. I bit my fingernails and skin around them. I touch my bangs so much they become greasy. I play with my teeth. I shake my feet when im sitting with my legs crossed. I tend to always look for flaws in people. I make noises to fill silence when im alone and a bunch of other things i can tihnk of at the moment

Answer #15

this is not making fun of you but could you explain how you play with your teeth? like with ur finger or tongue? also i started this new thing afteri went to the dentist and he lectured about flossing, i bought the pick kind and floss constently

Answer #16

Ah, I see. Give yourself some more credit though! I’m sure you’re smart, vocabulary is just a matter of exposure. ^_^

Answer #17

For some reason when I go walking or stand around. My arm is hanging as if I hand a purse there. I always play with my hair, i either twirl it or smooth it down. The last thing I do is say “ eww “ all the time.

Answer #18

if i’m doing something that involves counting i always stop on an even number like if i’m using the soap you squirt on your hands i’ll squirt it 2 4 or 6 times and the reason is because i hate odd numbers. i don’t know why but i do.

Answer #19

its true i know alot of big words from him talking, im like whats that mean and he tells me or i hear a word or see a word and ask him how to use it in a sentence. he’s the best dictionary i ever loved haha

Answer #20

i count in 2’s cuz i always lose count if i count singles

Answer #21

I have notice that to w my teeth kirsten

Answer #22

I also do that with my fan and keep my window open during the winter and also shake my feet with my legs crossed

Answer #23

I can crack my finger’s bones forever and I do that a lot sometimes. It freaks my friends out.

Answer #24

I sleep with covers every night too! It is very difficult for me to fall asleep without them.

Answer #25

I tend to put things into a perverted perspective, like if my husband says something about food, i can completely change it around. i definitly wouldn’t stop tho, i tend to get people laughing like hell.

Answer #26

when im exicted i flap my arms like a mini mexican wave (didn’t notice i was doing it untill my boyfriend did it back lol)

Answer #27

I blow the hair out of my face sometimes, apparently people in my school have never seen it done before O_o

I used to only be able to sleep with just one sock on my left foot.

And I love warm soda! Warm flat soda to be precise :)

I try to whistle even though I can’t, it’s fun to spit all over myself I swear :P

That and I happen to enjoy acting like a gay guy x)

Answer #28

I refuse to eat icecream with a spoon, I only ever eat it with a fork. I count my steps whenever I’m walking somewhere but it’s a pointless thing to do cause i always forget the number afterwards. I chew my nails but only the ones on my left hand cause I’m right handed. And when i’m getting dressed I’d always do the left things first like I’d put my left sock on first or if i was putting jeans on i’d put my left leg in first.

Answer #29

I close cupboards and drawers all the way. Sometimes when I watch tv I’ll “write” a word or phrase I hear on my pants or something with my finger, not leaving a mark because I cant write with my fingers. I like to talk to random people with a fake awful british accent. I take my shoes off in the theater, even when I walk around. I always take a sh1t with my shoes off.

Answer #30

thats why i stopped i’m like oh no why i am doing this. the main reason i was biting them was cuz i hate the feeling of something in my nails it freaks me out, so i just clipp them, and file them down now and wash my hands constantly

Answer #31

me too i sleep with 2 blankets all year round and there both fleece

Answer #32

haha i know the feeling with the harm hanging, sometimes you just don’t know what to do with your arms lol. i sometimes make my hand limp with my arm up andbend to my side. i just have little arms but my hands are almost unportionate to them there long and skinny haha

Answer #33

haha the second one made me laugh “ not leaving a because i can’t write with my fingers”

Answer #34

omg thats hilarious. apparently when i’m excited to say something or i have an idea, my eyes get wide open and i raise my eyebrows

Answer #35

really? ever have any awkward moments with that?

Answer #36

really i guess it wouldn’t freak me out because like everything of my cracks.

Answer #37

that you haha warm flat soda is the best but you can only do with a few soda’s and its sad.haha i always get hick ups when drinking cold carbonated soda. you remind me alot of my bf in the last 2. he doesn’t know how to whistle so he puckers up and breaths in instead of out haha. and don’t feel bad about the gay guy thing because its freaking hilarious my bf does it to make me laugh when i’m sad haha

Answer #38

I have an anxiety disorder. Oh wait… it’s not weird! It’s normal!

Answer #39

Yeah, I’m always jiggling and bouncing my legs around in class. Or playing with my cartilage piercing.

Answer #40

yea i use my tounge and run it along my teeth lol

Answer #41

i used to do that, like writing the words out in the air or my pants while watching tv.

Answer #42

ok now it makes since to me =)

Answer #43

ermm not sure if these are really weird but, i sometimes flap my arms when i’m excited about something. i use my fingers to eat salad(never a fork). i dont like having my food touch each other when eating something, if it touches i cringe at the thought of eating it. i usually cover my mouth with my hands when i’m laughing. and thats all i can think of :P

Answer #44


Answer #45

same here ! lol

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