Weird Habits?

Do you have any weird habits? Like something you dont realize your doing Or have you ever seen a video of yourself & realized you do something weird without noticing?

Answer #1

I have OCD..I have a lot of weird habits. :)

Answer #2

I thought I had OCD’s, well I still might abit. because, a few years ago, whenever I came through a door, id have to shut it, and imaginaryly lock it, but I dont do that anymore. but I often almost everyday do this, if I touch my knee for example, id have to touch it again to make it equal.

Answer #3

I will like chew on my hair. I know its gross, but I like can’t help it and I also bite my nails when I’m nervous!

Answer #4

sometimes I’ll find myself playing with my hair because I have wavy curly hair, and I won’t even notice it, like I just did it now and I had to stop myself but I guess it’s not as bad as some habits

Answer #5

Once I sit or lay down, its like my feet get a mind of its own cause they wont stop shaking…its actually comfortable…

Answer #6

I start boncing my knees and they don’t stop I just try to stop it all the time but.. it doesn’t work sometimes I do it without noticing until someone tells me. haha I have a lot of weird habits ;)

Answer #7

-I cant have the volume on anything at an odd number, it always has to be even! -If I tough my right leg for example, ill have to touch my left leg to make it even, vise versa. -I have to do things in a certain order through out the day, or else I just feel weird. -If I mis-spell something, I have to re-type it and fix it. I have a lot more, I also have ocd.

Answer #8

I have to wash my covers be4 I sleep on them, I need to take 3 showers aday or I just will not feel right, before I eat my food can not touch or no one esle can touch my food or I will not eat I have a lot more! I have OCD too xD

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