Weight loss side-affects

Ok, so I have been reading up a lot lately on this thing called “apple diet” its where you devide an apple into 6 equal peices, and eat one peace every 2 hours, every day, and other than that you can only have distilled water and you only do this for a week at a time. This sounds great, but I was wondering if there are any sideaffects, such as after im done with the diet, will I be able to start healthy eating patterns, without gaining weight? Because if you cut your callories that low, your body grows amune to it, and when you make the switch back, to eating normaly, your body plays catch up, and you gain wait faster. Will it do that?

Answer #1

That’s a terrible diet. Unfortunately, the slow way is the healthiest way.

Check out a food pyramid and exercise regularly. This diet is not healthy.

And yes, your metabolism slows if you crash diet like that, meaning as soon as you eat regularly again, you will gain weight back. Probably all of it if not more and leaving it harder for you to lose weight later.

Answer #2

ewww, what are the side-affects of viniger pills?

Answer #3

Who knows? NO offense, but, it sounds stupid.

fact: It’s best to lose weight by eating only when you’re hungry, and just to fill you up and excersizing.

fact: the longer it takes you to lose weight, the longer you’ll keep it off!

So just stick to healthy eating and excersize!

Answer #4

sounds good but lets face it…within 24 hrs you’re going to raid the fridge. if you manage to get to 48 hrs you’re gonna pass out. if by some miracle you last a whole week doing this, the minute you eat or drink something you’re going to start putting the weight back on at a faster rate because your body needs calories to function healthy. If you want to lose weight its all about exercise, healthy choices and portion control. I should know, I lost 80 pounds in a year.

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