What are the side affects of antidepressants?

I am suffering from depression and I just got prescribed new antidepressants.

Answer #1

i think you can get mood swings.

Answer #2

Different anti depressants will have different side affects, it is important that you read the bottle before you take it that way you know what you are getting into . They say the same thing I say so I guess they are a source: http://funadvice.com/r/15lt4e7fpc9

Answer #3

I was on a couple anti-depressants and some side effects I had were, low sex drive and weight gain a bit, though I had no other side effects and that was when I was on - Lexapro. Lexapro is said to have one of the lowest side effects for taking a anti-depressant. So after I had gain a bit of weight I wanted to go on something else and with that one I had low sex drive, stomach aches, head aches, Just kinda felt sickly in a flu way where I didn’t wanna get outta bed. Bed my doctor put me on that cause your suppose to loose 12lbs or more on it. and that was when I was taking - Welbutin. Which I was on it for a month and didn’t see nothing with my weight changing and I just couldn’t stay on it anymore I felt so sick and my sister had the same side effects. So now I kinda really wanna go back on Lexapro and just start working out too with it, to maintain my weight.

Answer #4

Thank you so much

Answer #5

i was neally put on antidepressent but the thought of not even knowing what i was feeling was not a fun thought.

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