How can I lose stomach fat?

I know it takes a while to lose weight, but how can I lose stomach fat before Swimming season which is in about a month?

Answer #1

Coming from an Alaskan, I feel your pain. I do agree with the other people, but instead of running you need to power walk. I know it sounds lame, but I truly does burn fat. Good luck!!

Answer #2

Run. Run. Run.

And eat GREEN vegetables. The Greener the better.

And ab exercises. Crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, the plank…etc.

Answer #3

try to cut down on fried foods. baked is one of the healtiest ways to cook a meat. vegetarian is a good idea, but its hard to do. cutting down on beef is also a good idea. steak can be very fattening. my doctor told me this a few years ago when i was trying to lose weight. try not to eat too much rice/pasta/bread. wheat bread is a good idea if you really need to eat bread. aot of vegtables and fruits help build up body strength and a good metabalism.

Answer #4

do lots of crunches and sit ups it will work(:

Answer #5

I totaly agree with the above statements. Cut down all sweets, breads, and sodas. Eat healthy by eating foods such as carrots, celery, brocoli, etc. I do not think that being vegiterian is the best way to go for your age group, that is if you are a teen as said on your original question. By not eating meats, you lose out on important protein that is needed for your growth. If you are considering being vegiterian, you will also have to consider eating lots of eggs and drinking lots of milk, that is if you do not go zvegain as well. But in my opinion, I think that you should just eat right, and exercise.

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