Isn't bulimia so much worse than anorexia?

I really need help, my best friend is a bullimic she throws up every bite she eat I am sooo worried about her, but I have anorexia, and so everytime I attempt to talk to her about her problem she just says I have no room to talk. bullimia is soo much worse then anorexia but she wont believe me. PLEASE HELP

Answer #1

both are terrible habbits and should not be done. but bulimia rotts your teeth and is known for making people deprssed.

Answer #2

Your disorder doesn’t make her own disorder any more healthy, and doesn’t make it any less destructive.

Answer #3

hmmm.its my personal opinion that neither is very healthy. it would be really kool if you made a pact with her that you both would stop your food disorders. that way you motivate each other. if you really care about your friend mayb you could consider it.

Answer #4

I agree…neither are healthy and neither is ‘better or worse’ than the other. Maybe go see a dr together and explain how you want to stop and that way you can help each other through it…its not easy but it can be done

Answer #5

Umm you can’t really say which one’s worse, the bottom line is that their both disorders that are unhealthy and extremly dangerous. As for your friend really just really talk to her and let her know how important it is for you for her to come to her senses, And if you want her to stop, take initiative and stop your anorexia. Show her what your willing to do for her. Stop killing yourself. Why would you do such damage to your body,

Answer #6

ok, I’m going to get to the point. personally, I believe bulimia is worse. I’m not going to sit here and lecture you to stop what you’re doing like everyone above. anorexia is basically just slowly wasting away while bulimia is have direct impact on your insides. tell your friend to stop. it’s really not worth it.

Answer #7

anorexia and bulimia are both veryyy unhealthy. I am anorexic and I was in hospital with other anorexics and bulimics. neither one is better or worse. they are both deadly and very serious. they both have similar and different effects. both very scary and awful.

in reply to zoezozo11’s post. anorexia also makes you severely depressed. the lack of food and malnutrition starves ure brain, which causes depression and anxiety. both are awful

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