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Worse and worse about wanting to be thin

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For the past few months I've noticed I've been progressively getting worse and worse in wanting to be thin.

It all started about april time when I went on a school trip. I was about 107 lbs and 5'1 and was desperate to lose a bit weight but never did much about it.

Just so happens the food in germany wasn't exactly to my liking, so for that week I was starving. I lost about 2 lbs that week and I'd kind of gotten used to feeling hungry all the time.

I came back and was terrified of putting on weight. I still am today. I've got myself down to 95lbs (I'm still 5'1) and something in my head is telling me to stop, but I can't. I don't want to gain weight, I want to lose it. I want to be thin. My friends tell me I am but I can't believe them. They're hardly going to say 'oh yeah, your fat', cause they're lovely people.

It sounds stupid, but my boobs are tiny. They don't even fill out a 32AA bra, and im terrified they'll get any smaller if I lose weight, but it doesn't stop me. It's making me depressed and every time I go to eat food, and I mean EVERY time, I'm counting calories and totalling up how many I've ate.

Something inside me knows I'm being stupid, and having about 800 calories a day, like I've had today there abouts, isn't good, but I can't stop myself.

I don't know what to do.