How can I keep the thoughts of anorexia and bulimia out of my head?

Please no mean responses, I completely hate my body and the people around me don’t make it better..

Answer #1

focus on something else, like watching TV, stay on the computer, and dont go near food for maybe till tomarrow.hope that helps…

Answer #2

I know what you mean, sometimes I just feel… fat. Which is normal for a teenage girl. And when I feel this way it helps to know that there’s always someone worse-off than me. I think about how someone bigger than me feels about their weight. It might sound mean but it helps to know you’re not as fat as some other person.

Answer #3

Trust me, becoming anorexic or bulimic is NOT the way to go. It’s a horrible cycle, it’s disgusting and degrading. I think you should focus on healthier ways to lose weight. Try going out on a run. What I love about running is that I feel more connected to myself. Sometimes I’ll go miles without having a single thought, and other times I’ll be consciously thinking about life, friends, school, family, etc. It’s like my meditation or something haha. And then that awesome feeling when you get home and realize you’re one step closer to looking the way you want. It’s a win/win situation.

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