What happens to the engagement ring before the wedding?

haha okay so im almost 19 and my boyfriend and I are both confused about this process…when I guy proposes to a girl he gives her a diamond engagement ring that she wears…but does she wear it to her wedding too and then the guy gives her just a diamond band?? or does he like take the ring back to put it on her finger at the wedding?? gosh im so confused and I feel like I should know this being a girl and all haha help please!

Answer #1

You would wear the engagement ring until the day of the wedding, before the ceremony the best man will keep your engagement ring and your wedding band in a box, at the wedding your boyfriend would take both rings and place them on your finger at the ceremony. after you are married you will wear your wedding ring and your engagement ring, Your boyfriend would buy both the rings and you would buy his wedding band…

Hope that helps!

Colleen peepmywedding.com

Answer #2

The engagement ring is the expensive ring. No he does not take it back and no you don’t take it off. Generally a significantly less expensive ring or band is bought to be presented on the wedding day. This ring usually matches or can be worn in conjunction with the engagement ring.

If money is tight then I would see no reason why the engagement ring couldn’t be the one presented on the wedding day. As long as the bride was OK with it.

Answer #3

It’s totally up to you. You may wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. You need to remove your engagement ring while he slips on the wedding ring and then, put your engagement ring back on the wedding band. However, this may be a bit weird so you may prefer not to put your engagement ring and leave your left ring finger bare. After the ceremony, you can put your engagement ring on your left hand, on top of your wedding band.

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