Is there any websites where i can talk to someone when i'm having thoughts about self injury/suicide?

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im not it? but honestly dear think about it twice. why would you wanna do that? everyone has problems. i cant go out with friends & im 18 & im not wanting to commit suicide im just dealing with it. so dont do it, i hope i helped a little. ill be here if you need to talk to someone. :)

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If those don't work out for you, there are more, and plenty of numbers to call. Please be safe.

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Don't do anything that terrible.It only makes things worse.Talking about your problems relieves some stress.I think you could go see somebody like a therapist.And you guys could talk about why your so anger or what makes you depressed.There are so many things in life.You only get one so don't end it.Im sure so many people love you and don't know about your problems.But if you feel like your alone , getting the help can help you turn your life around.And start enjoying stuff again.Funmail me.If you needa talk .<3

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You could call the suicide hotline, and talk to an actual person who could give you advice. But really, nobody, and no thing is worth ending your life over. Things always get worse before they get better, but eventually everything will get better. We weren't put on this earth to get whatever we want, or to have a good time all the time, but you obviously were put on this earth for a reason. So don't let things get to you so much.

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pathways, beyondblue and just google more if they dont help

How can I get help for my suicidal thoughts?
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feel free to talk to me. despite the not-serious username, i want to help.

normal to like have casual thoughts of self-harm suicide daily?

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