What are some ways you can punish a 10 yr old when nothing seems to do any good?

Answer #1

It depends what the 10 year old has done wrong.

Answer #2

take away all of they favorite toys or games, no television, or dessert. No hanging out with friends, and give them chores to do, and give them an earlier bed time

Answer #3

Try to show them how bad what they did is, like for instance dont go all nice after a short amount of time. An example of that would be dont let them play on the computer, a cell phone, a gaming system, or play with there toys after a certain amount of time, like give them an hour to do what they want on them a day. Show he/she that you mean it when your punishing them and you dont want to see it again, have them clean and study for school and give them things to do that arent fun. Chances are they will see that they dont want to get punished after awhile, it may take time tho, but stick to your plan no matter how tough it is! hope this helped! :)

Answer #4

Taking away their privileges such as watching tv won’t really work. Before you put a punishment, it’s always best to outweigh the negative with the positive. Is he/she really offending you by their actions? Are they really annoying to the extent where your forcing punishment? Many people might suggest that you take away their belongings and set limits such as do your homework and you can watch tv but a child will get used to the fact that you’ve taken that right, when he refuses to do the work. Therefore many parents stick to short punishments. You can’t take away all their belongings afterall. A way you can punish him for any disrespecting action or thing he said by adding chores to his list. If his usual chores is to clean the toy room, have him clean his room, fix up hid closet, etc. No one likes cleaning at a young age when they can be out playing so it can help make him think of his actions and even improve them. Praise them as much as possible when you find them doing the right thing, maybe even suggest you take them to the park or friends house if they behave. Giving him opportunities, will help him see the good he can get when he behaves.

Answer #5

Make him/her wash your car or organize your closet. Something that you can sit back and watch and just laugh.

Answer #6

Thx I like it

Answer #7

doing things like that wont be a punishment, i believe that they will just throw a fit if she would have them do things like that. it wouldnt be very effective in my opinion.

Answer #8

I agree with all these answers, just remember to not be too hard on the kid. It does leave a lot of hurt, kids do remember this stuff

Answer #9

You recognize that reinforcements work better than punishments? Use reinforcements to continue positive behavior will help curb negative behavior. Nonetheless, punishments do work (sorry, but if punishments didnt work then society as a whole would have figured it out and stopped using them). You take away privileges or add negative consequences. Here’s the thing, it all depends. When I was a child, threatening to take away my phone (which I never could find anyways) wouldn’t have worked. Neither would taking away TV, video games, or computer privileges. You punish the kid based on what works for them.

Answer #10

Yes I do recognize that and do give praise when praise is due, and do try to enforce good behavior, but I often get a lot of bad behaviors that just doesn’t seem to go away, such as she thinks she is 15 and needs to put make up on and talk to boys, she is constantly disrespecting of adults, she inflicts physical harm on her sister when she gets angry, those r just a few, I was thinking maybe counceling would help

Answer #11

You take away, or prevent what they most like, like if he/she seems to be addicted to their cellphone, take that away, if he/she is always on the computer, take that away. If he/she likes to go out or something, punish him/her in a way you know he/she is going to not like it.

Answer #12

Threaten to take away his Call of duty ;]

Answer #13

Haha I was 10 not long ago and what works is taking away things they like alot also don’t let them go to friends house

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