wats dah scariest thing that ever happend 2 u?

well this might sound scary and all but it was in REAL life!!! I was in my room and I was bein choked by somethin and I don’t know what it was…what is urs???

Answer #1

hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahaha datz funny…but scary…

Answer #2

Thats So Wierd…I would Be freaked out if that happened to me…Lol

Ummm…I would Have To Sayyy… The Time I had to help my grandma and she was Nude It Was SOOO Terrifying…

Answer #3

heeel nooo!!! somethin by my grandma tho…^^^

Answer #4

ummm I don’t know ill have to think about that one…but something similar happened to me excepet I woke up and it was really really hott and so I went to turn down the temp but the air that came out was hott and almost suffocated me! was horrible!

Answer #5

hmm…one thing im gonna tell ya, ghosts and poltergheists are real…maybe light a candle in your room once in a while, that thing wont bother comin there if the candle was burning. In old traditions, its believed that a candle flame clenses the area…try it…I used to see this flying thing outside my window, and one night a woke up in sweat cause dreamt I was being bitten- there were scratch marks on my arms and neck…no bite tho…was bout 5 years ago…so I do advise the candle flame…btw…do you have any dark obsessions, like wicca, or vampire movies or just general spooky things???Those can explain entites choking you…:P

Answer #6

me and my friend were in her car and her parents were ina resturaunt ordering food. this big black man came back and saw us in the car. he glared at us and pointed nodding his head in an im gonna get you way. we locked the doors. we were scared to death! we finally got to scared to stay in the car and went in the resturaunt. my friend was walking to her parents and he blocked her way. she finally got past and told her dad. THEN HE TOLD US THAT THAT WAS AN OLD FRIEND OF HIS! OOOHHH THAT MADE ME SO MAD! but now that I look at it it is so hilarious even though I was scared to death when it happened

Answer #7

well good luck living with it :P))

Answer #8

losing love one~ I really afraid of it~ I luv my grandma so much~

Answer #9

My mom and little sisters nearly died in a car explosion a few months ago.

Answer #10

I had a seizure, thought it to be epilepsy. Ended up to be nothing at all, just somthing happened that the docters could not explain.

Answer #11

Some ghost is either mad at you or is having a little fun. I won’t say the scariest thing that’s happens to me. I don’t want to yelled at by idiots who don’t believe in this stuff.

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