Whats the scariest dream you've ever had?

Whats the scariest dream you’ve ever had? If you can remember lol :P Yeah I’m bored…

Mine is that I dreamt I was in my primary school and suddenly the sky outside turned pitch black and a voice said “There hear…” 0_0” Next thing I knew hands were appearing from out of the floor (You know like on those scary zombie flicks lol) Even though It was clearly a dream I was so scared haha I tried to hide behind a big display but one of the hands grabbed my feet and pulled me from behind it :O So much more happend but I can’t be bothered typing it all :D Its the only scariest dream I can remember :S

Whats yours? x

Answer #1

my scariest dream was when I was at a mall and these zombies and other creatures attack and was eating everybody alive so to sum it up I woke up screaming and crying lol but it was just a dream or was it lol

Answer #2

my mom died

Answer #3

To sum it up quickly, In my dream I went to the dentist and he electrocuted me. It was scary.

Answer #4

im sure a bunch of people have this dream its where your in a big white room and theres a buncho f like blocks movin around and theres this guy givin you orders in a loud fast voice or a soft slow voice scary as hell

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