Whats the scariest thing thats happened 2 u??

Whats the scariest thing thats happened 2 u? That you can remember quickly!!

Answer #1

The scariest thing that happened to me is when my mom and me were driving home at like almost midnight cause it was my cousins b day and all of a sudden my mom and me jurk forward really hard! Someone rammed into the back of us and he kept on moving forward when we stopped so we kept going forward. He kept moving til we got out of his way and drove off. He did a hit and run! My mom and me were shocked at the moment and we didn’t know what to do so we went home and told our dad what happened. My dad was like we have to get you to the hospital cause our necks were hurting. My mom got a neck brace and I was fine but not our Saturn. We went to the police and they’re like you were supposed to call the police at the scene. But we didn’t know. They never found the person that rammed us but thank god we’re fine!

Answer #2

I was at gymnastics and I was like 10 years old. I was just learning giants (look it up on youtube if you dont know what they are), and while I was swinging down on the high bar my hands slipped off and I flew through the air and nearly landed on my neck. when I started to cry, my coach just told me to do it again.

Answer #3

my mom had a seizure when I was like 10. it was really scary. I didnt know what to do.

Answer #4

when I found out that we got robbed when my sister was still in the house.

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