What do you think of "water birth"?

Answer #1

from what i have heard it is more natural and less traumatic for the newborn, transitioning from an internal fluid environment to an external one after birth. so i guess it is a good thing.

Answer #2

I was born in water, and apparently I was extra weird ‘cause I came out sucking one thumb, and had the other arm above my head like superman :) but the birth was the easiest of my mum’s three, and it was really quick. And I find it amazing that babies can swim straight after they’re out. It just shows that anyone who can’t swim has developed the fear of swimming rather than being born with it. I think there should be more water births.

Answer #3

once the baby comes out it could drown if u dont take it out of the water soon enough

Answer #4

I’ve actually been thinking about that for awhile. I think water birth is a very good thing to do. It’s natural, and it’s more releaving.

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