Want my blonde hair back

Just a quick question, I have brown hair and have been touching it up every month with more brown hair dye because it looks a reddish colour, I want blonde streaks but just on the top half of my head, what would you recommend that aint going to ruin my hair but help me go the colour I want, like a colour stripper?

Answer #1

If your unable to have an expert who works with dyes or colour stripper I could suggest going to a drug tore and ask the beauty consultant there. They have alot of experience when it comes to colouring hair. Another suggestion is to email L’oreal or the maker of your hair dye and ask them questions regarding stripper & dye’s as well

Good luck

Answer #2

Go to a professional….or at least a beauty school…..don’t try it on your own…you wont get the result you need.

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