Im naturally blonde and dyed my hair brown, now I want to go back.

I’m naturally blonde and decided I wanted a change so decided to try brown(dark brown). I’m now getting fed up with my blonde roots keep coming through so I want to go back to blonde. Does anyone have any ideas how I can go back to my original colour without ruiing my hair?

Answer #1

It’s always easier to go darker than it is to go lighter. Im in the same situation. Im naturally fair haired and I had dyed it dark brown and I decided id had enough of the regrowth coming through! So I went to the hairdresser who did a full head of foils. I have to wait 6 weeks and have more foils and it will eventually be light again. Be very very careful if you attempt to do this yourself as you risk going orange. Hairdressers use special toner to take away the orange and it can be tricky to master this yourself. I say go to a professional. Yes it is expensive but if you try it yourself you may end up spending just as much by buying heaps of products to ‘fix’ it.

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