I'm a natural blonde died my hair brown want blonde again

I’m naturally a blonde…dirty blonde. Now I died my hair to a brown, and I want it back to blonde. What should I do… It has a bit of damage because I do so much to my hair… It’s very curly. But I have 3 inches of natural blonde because I haven’t died it for so long, becuase I want the blonde to come in… yet it is coming in WAY too slow.

Answer #1

If you die it then it may get damaged to a point that it falls out….. If you wait then you have to deal with it till it grows out or cut it. There really isn’t a good answer for this one except to get to a stylist and ask a colorist.

Answer #2

Get a good cut and talk to a professional colorist who can sugest a color fix. for the future though leave your naturally blonde hair alone!!

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