Natural blonde with dyed brown hair... Wanting to go back to blonde

Im a natural blonde. I dyed my hair dark brown, and now im wanting to go back to my semi-light blonde hair color.

Help please?

Answer #1

Just get some highlights and wait for it all to grow out so you can start again with natural hair (easier to work with).

Answer #2

Bleaching can be really damaging to the hair especially the home bleaching/dying kits so I recommend you get it done proffessionally at a hair salon. But it will still probably damage your hair some what. Using a blonde dye will most likely just turn your hair ginger so usually you have to bleach it about twice first and then dye it to the desired colour.

Answer #3

number one you messed up big time because you were supposed to slowly die it to some what help your hair get used to it.

Answer #4

Im naturally bright blonde and decided to go dark brown for a change, I had it really dark for the first few months then decided I wanted it purple so I put a semi-perminant dye through it and wasnt happy so went back to dark brown. after a couple of weeks I got fed up and wanted to be blonde again; so I left it for months without dying it but got a really horrible re-growth so I went on holiday to see if it could lighten it which didnt work. so when I got home I booked myself in at the hairdressers to get it back to blonde, wasnt that easy they told me I would have to go through a few stages so I had blondey highlights through it and a toner -which turned in to a disaster it went really coppery so I decided to get some other advice and went to another hairdresser and she told me I couldnt die over it until the colour had faded. so I washed my hair for hours tryig to wash the colour out and lefted it for 5weeks and went back, stillm couldnt die over it. and now im waiting for the colour to fade some more until I can go back to blonde, she recommended I used washing up liqiud too. which I did but have no idea if it works:S anyway it sucks going through all this to get your hair back to blonde; so make sure your be happy to go through all of this(:

Answer #5

This is really good for making the colour fade. As does leaving head and shoulders on for about half an hour and washing powder will help lift it. Good quality treatments too of course. Good luck!

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