are there any veins in your lip that if you hit would bleed a lot and not heal?

Answer #1

Umm no I don’t believe there are veins there….And a split lip does heal eventually with the right care so don’t worry.

Answer #2

there are veins , i pirced my lip and it bleed that means i hit one but no i dont thing u will bleed alot andit heals quickly

Answer #3

Ideally your piercer will check your lip and teeth for the best placement, show you a mark on the outside of your lip to see if you like it, and then shine a light through your lip to see if there are large blood vessels in the way. If there are vessels, the mark will be moved and you will get to check it again. You have a variety of sizes of blood vessels in your body that range from veins and arteries where a puncture could kill you in minutes, down to teeny tiny capillaries where blood cells have to pass through single file. Your piercer will inevitably hit some capillaries in the process of piercing you, since they are literally everywhere. But the goal is simply to avoid hitting vessels large enough to be seen with the eye that may cause you trouble healing. & Even if your piercer made a mistake and nicked a blood vessel in your lip, the solution is to remove the piercing, stop the bleeding, and wait to repierce you. It’s not like it wouldn’t heal. I hope this clears things up! http :// [link removed]

Answer #4

If you go to a professional they’ll check your lip and teeth and find the right place to pierce it. Please don’t pierce it yourself as there are things that can go terribly wrong. :)

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