vegan and vegetarion?

what’s the difference? I probably sound really stupid not to know this, but I kinda need to know.

Answer #1

There are all kinds of vegetarians.

The most common type of vegetarianism is lacto-ovo vegetarians. They don’t meat meat of any kind (including fish and fowl) but they do eat eggs and dairy.

Veganism is more than just diet. Vegans in addition to not eating any animal products avoid using them as well so no fur, leather, hide glue, etc.

Answer #2

vegetarians dont eat meat, but they eat like dairy product, or product that are producted by animals. vegan dont eat anything that comes form animals:eggs, milk…

Answer #3

Vegan ;- Does not eat ANY meat or products that come from animals (ie. no cheese,milk, butter ,eggs,etc…)

Vegetarion;- Does not eat meat but DO eat products such as cheese, milk ,eggs.ect…

Answer #4

basically the above segment ^ ^ ^

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Answer #5

Thank god someone knows what it is. thank u sasukesharringar. break it down for them.

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