What are some good vegan meals?

Im vegetarian and I’ve decided to go vegan wich I’ve wanted to do for a while now, What are some good vegan meals? And good foods w/ protein for me? Thnx^^

Oh and any advice?

Answer #1

An old standby of mine is red beans and rice. Cheap, tasty, filling, and healthy.

Protein generally a problem on a vegan diet. Unless you try to live on nothing but apples and bananas you should get all the protein you need on a varied vegan diet.

Answer #2

I would def talk to either your family doctor or a nutrionist and see if there are any supplements or vitamins they would like you to take

nuts and legumes are high on protein so I would incorporate those more to your diet then before

Answer #3

Soy proteins now come in an array of styles. Tofu is common form. Tofu itself comes in many ways. Sprouts are also a good way to obtain some protein. Different sprouts have different nutritional values so eat a variety.

Try these ideas out… Add some silken tofu to smoothies and shakes for an extra boost of protein

DEFINITELY look into some of the finer points in preparation of tofu. ALWAYS drain firm tofu, and don’t eat it on its own. Tofu by itself is pretty flavorless.

Sprout salad. Surprisingly, sprout have the essential flavors as its mature plants. Toss radish, bean, carrot, etc sprouts together with a vinaigrette.

Add ground nuts, flax seeds, etc. to cereals or anything else for that matter.


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