What are some most valuable attributes employers look for within possible employees?

Answer #1

i’d say reliability, ambition and most of all, knowledge in the job that they will be doing.

Answer #2

reliable, hard worker, works well with others, team player and can also work alone if needed, fast learner, punctual, well presented, ect

Answer #3

sometimes they will be looking for people who already know a lot about the job/products, ect. and sometimes they will hire people with no knowlege to train them

Answer #4

my former employer referred to me and my co-worker as his most reliable and efficient workers in the restaurant and we were just dish-washers, he told me it was because I was always on time, never called in sick, always did what was expected of me before it was asked, hopefully once the place opens up again after the earthquake we had in feb I can return there, there is nobody I would work for but him

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