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I am 50 years old with no qualifications an not much of a work history. My back ground is very embarssing and with the change in the law, it is very difficult to find work with my past I fell terable about my past. I am on benefit and the goverment is putting pressure those who are on benefit to find work and if there is no proof they will sign them off benefit, I am trying my hardest to find work but no joy. I fell I am at a dead end and there is no hoped. Most of my past is because I put my faith in others and they took advatage of my kindness and I turn to crime thinking it would resolve my proberlems. Now I am now alone with no friends and no future, being with out friends I am not bothered because they abused my friendship and I have a constant barrier up when I meet any one but my future I feel is doomed, how can I get support or any form of help I am trying so hard to find work I am searching the web and finding sites like this for advice and help, I am desterate. please help me