Your best comeback when someone calls you gay.

What are your comebacks when someone says to you "you're gay" or "you're a slut" ?

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I always say: I am what you made me.

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I always say..


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haaa my answer was stupid before but yeah if they say that to you just agree, then there hell shut down because they think to themselves 'oh wait a minute, there not meant to agree with me?' haaa thats the best bit :) be like oh yeah I am a bit of a slut arn't I now. hmmm, god better work on that sluttiness of mine;) xx

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Hmm, you know I've always found that looking at people like they are completely stupid, scoffing while shaking your head as if they are pathetic (they are), and just walking away does wonders.

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Stare straight into their soul with a blank expression.
Then say,
"I can't reach it."
"Get out of my house."
Even if your not in a house. :D

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im bisexual. a lot of people call me gay. dont worry. I dont resort to their level and I just ignore them. but if you want you can throw a comback too. its your own dicision

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Don't get angry or upset - resort to sarcasm as follows:

If I throw a stick will you leave??

Did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe?

Ohhh, let me turn on the part of my brain that gives a damn.

I'm trying to imagine you with a personality.

Too many freaks not enough circuses.

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Im Gonna Use Those Thankz lol
But what I Usually Say Is
- It Takes One To Know One
- Do You Still Love Nature? Despite What It Did To YOur Face.

They Usually Go Silent After That.

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Are you kdsmm?

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How does one stare into a soul? We're not Chuck Norris for chrissakes.

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Takes one to know one

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Because they should have the option to stick up for themself rather than sit back and take abuse.

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Why respond at all?

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ya mums gay ya mums a slut. eat my imaginary dick bitttch:) NOMNOMNOM TURTLE. :) hehehe.x

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"yu father chat too much"

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you would say the following:
Other Person: You're gay!
You: ;) and free on Saturday Night.
Hope I helped!

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lol I would just say "yeah I had a great time with you last night, we should do it again sometime," and wink then laugh. of course if you cant wink then say "well I just work with the options I was gave.." or "At least I can get some action,"

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im bi and its been spread through my school so people always call me gay, my comeback every time is:
"your face is gay"
they normally look the other way.

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there is a kid in my school who calls me gay, so I challenged him to a fight. I beat the shit out of him, and he still calls me gay. so now I remind him what happened, and I make him do gay things so he will get embarassed

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