Why do guys call other guys gay?

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I think being gay is awesome and these straight guys that call people gay can ga f*** off cu no one cares tehe

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cause most straight guys see being gay as bad, so being called gay is an insult. not what those other two said

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People that call other dudes gay is cause they are happier because they're being themselves,and the people doing the put downs is trying to make themselves look big when they are really just being real jerks. Some guys have their own ways of expressing their happiness and others don't like what they see and they refuse to accept it,if they can't accept it,leave them alone instead of creating more drama.

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probally to make themselves feel better by being a butt hole to everyone else

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Because "gay" people are happier and like to be themselves. There probably just jealous they can't be like them. Or just have no life, and have nothing better to say

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