Who ... If someone calls me goody two shoes, what does it mean?

Someone called me goody two shoes, what is it supposed to mean???

Answer #1

it mean you don’t like 2 get in trouble because you skard. usually people will tell you that when dey gna do sumthin crazii but they don’t think ull do.

Answer #2

I think it means your a good girl and your not really up for crazy things becuase you dont wanna get in trouble

Answer #3

your a loser who needs to live life to the fullest!:)

Answer #4

It means that your a know it all and you never get into trouble because you’re too good to get in trouble.

Answer #5

Alright, thanksss. (:

Answer #6

It means that you are nice and don’t get into trouble a lot.

Answer #7

Okay, thanks.

Answer #8

If someone calls me goody two shoes (which realy did happen this morning) by a misserable guy who has a lot of bad things going on in his life lately. To me it means that he might think I’m better than everyone else and I work hard to live right. I don’t take much for granted- in life or work -coming from where I’m coming from with hard things in life. It’s made me more carefull in most everything I do which may account fo my goody two shoes personal conduct and appearance. I felt bad getting called this but it dosn’t mean that I’m going to downgrade myself to appear at his level. Sorry but I can’t please everyone, In the end I can only answer to myself.

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