Upset and frustrated.

I use to love my life and always be smiling, but lately I’ve become really sad with myself. When I’m getting ready to go out I cry because I think I’m so unattractive and now my friends have started calling me barbie and I absolutely hate it. And I told them that I’m not fake its my natural hair colour and I’m brown because Im always outdoors and I hardly ever wear makeup only when I go out and they said it has nothing to do with you being fake we just call you that because you look like her and have long legs but it still frustrates me. I’m so upset, is it just a stage that every teenage girl goes through?

Answer #1

yes I guess.just believe in yourself and feel who you are.stop thinking pple are teasing you,u are up to it

Answer #2

a lot of girls wanna look like u , there very ugly people and be thankful “you are not”

Answer #3

thanks guys.

Answer #4

You are beautiful I would be a very lucky dude to be with a girl like you.

And your body a gift not a burden please try not to think of it as one. Also no, its not a stage that every girl go’s threw usually its the other way around.

Answer #5

the point is, you haven’t set your own standard yet.. if you learn how to live and love with what you have, and be a standard of your own without anybody else dictatin what you should wear or how you should be, then you can live out with all smiles, not worryin if they’d be happy on what they see in you.. remember that we can’t always please everybody so, yea.. live your life!

Answer #6

People are probably just jealous =] You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to stand up for yourself in front of your friends. :/

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