Junior with Braces?

Okay, so all my friends that needed braces had them in middle school, and have them off already. And unfortunately, the orthodontist advised my parents that I should wait, and NOW I have to get them, as a JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. I’m going to be the only one with braces, and I feel embarrassed. My parents won’t let me get invisalign..I’m so upset about this. Is having braces this late something to be upset about?

Answer #1

no way, I did the same thing. all my friends also had theirs done early..I didn’t like it at first but it was definitely worth it when I got them off (thursday)

try and get clear braces, and if not, the normal ones are okay too.

but just think, your teeth will be perfect and beautiful hopefully by senior year!

Answer #2

No, its nothing to be upset about. Like the person that answered above me, there are adults that wear braces. I know someone whos in like their 50’s and wears braces. See no big deal.

Answer #3

I have seen plenty of adults with braces. It’s really not a big deal. I promise. Most people won’t even notice and even if they do it won’t be a big deal. Just remember, you are no different now than you were before the braces. Just stay confidant and everyone will treat you the same way as before. :) Sam

Answer #4

I live in Australia and most kids here get them when they’re in Junior High School anyway so you’re definitly NOT too late for them!

Answer #5

me too :(

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