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I read your advice about being in a sexless relationship, and first you have to know that I am in the exact situation you are in, I’m 26,and in great shape, been in a 2 year relationship, and it has been a year since we’ve been sexual. He just stopped affection and intimacy all together. He doesn’t kiss me, and doesn’t touch me, and like you, It consumes my mind. It’s all I think about when I am with him. It’s really doing some serious damage to my self esteem. I’ve confronted him about it, and he says that he has no sex drive, and he doesn’t ever want or feel like doing it. He maserbaes on a regular basis, which he hides from me, and hates talking about anyting sexual. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. WHAT HAPPENED? It sucks because I can’t do this anymore, and I love him, he’s my life. I have no other choice, he wont agree to get help or make it better. He said if I have to leave him because of that, then there’s nothing he can do about it, and that I should just move on if thats whats going to make me happy. I cannot believe this is happening, I never in a million years thought I would have to deal with something like this. SO I have to know, what did you end up doing? Are you still in that relationship? None of my friends even understand what I’m going through, I feel very alone, like I’m the only girl in the world whose boyfriend doesn’t want sex or even to touch them because it could lead to sex,ect. I’m so miserable, I hope you can shed some more light on this subject for me.

Answer #1

like she said, find an f buddy. or just buy a dil-do. either way, don’t wait for him to satisfy you. and if he is doing it with himself on the side, but not wanting to with you, there is something worong in my opinion. it’s not your fault, it’s his problem. how ofter does he pleasure himself, fun mail me and I’ll try to help more

Answer #2

Sorry but this is a yammering. If you love this man who does not satisfy you in the bed, and you still want to stay with him that is 100% OK, but then you should have an other man who fcks you on a regular basis. Then all the problem is solved. Since you wrote that you are in great shape I blame you to loose this one year without regular fcking and being satisfied with an acceptable and well-functioning male. Your situation is similar to that, when a woman has a man who lives in a wheel-chair, what is understandable, but she never goes out to run or hill climbing, or riding, or else because of the man’s diasability. What is not normal.

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